The Meaning of the Words of the Bible

January 18, 2007

The words written in the Bible are not the same as the will of God that works inside it. Therefore, those who follow just the words of it cannot know God whose will works inside it and Jesus whom He sent.

When we read the Bible which God ordered Moses His servant to write for the first time, it becomes evident. “Then the LORD said to Moses, ‘Write these words, for according to the tenor of these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel.'” (Exodus 34:27).

Therefore, we should read the Bible according to not the words but the tenor of the words. No one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. It is written, “For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:11).

The Bible says, “As it is written: ‘See, I lay in Zion a stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.'” (Romans 9:33). For those who study the Bible according to the deceitful wisdom of men and the arrogant knowledge, the Bible causes them to stumble and makes them fall. For those who receive the Spirit of truth and study it according to the will of God, the Bible makes them wise for salvation and will never put them to shame.

Outwardly a seed appears to be just a grain of seed, but inwardly it contains the root, the blade, the stem, the branch, the leaf, the flower and the fruit which looks exactly like the seed. The Bible says, “A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise is not from men, but from God.” (Romans 2:28-29).

Many people are looking for a better Bible, a flawless Bible. However, even though the original Bible is now given to them, they cannot know God who works inside the words and Jesus Christ whom He sent. It is written, “so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.” (1 Corinthians 2:5). The wisdom and faith that lead to salvation rest only on God’s power.

Studying the Bible according to men’s wisdom is as if a blindman in glasses tries to read a book. It is written about the gospel, “These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” (1 Corinthians 2:13).

Isaiah said to those who follow men’s wisdom and knowledge, “For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll. And if you give the scroll to someone who can read, and say to him, ‘Read this, please,’ he will answer, ‘I can’t; it is sealed.'” (Isaiah 29:11).

The Lord who came to do God’s will also said, “…The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, ‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.'” (Luke 8:10).

Jews had the original Bible and studied it for a long time, but they followed just the written words and didn’t know the meaning of them. They knew the way of following Joshua, but not the way of following Jesus. Therefore, they couldn’t enter God’s rest.

The Lord Jesus said, “You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” (John 5:39-40).

The wisdom of God is foolishness to those who follow the wisdom of men. The Bible says, “For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.” (1 Corinthians 1:21). And again, it cleary says, “However, we speak wisdom among those who are mature, yet not the wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing. But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory.” (1 Corinthians 2:6-7).

Christ is the wisdom of God in a mystery. It is written, “My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ.” (Colossians 2:2).

“For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power.” (1 Corinthians 4:20). Amen. Therefore, two men will read the same Bible; one will be taken and the other left. Thank you, Lord.


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