In Tacoma, Washington, USA, in 1982, 10 brothers, including Kim Yun-gu who became the servant of Jesus by the promise of life, established ‘The True Light Mission International’ with the permission from the Washington State Government in order to preach Christ in the world of darkness. However, as the time had not arrived, the Lord gave us time to be more acquainted with the teaching of righteousness and the word of truth.

Now that the time when God brings his firstborn into the world again is near, Reverend Kim Yun-gu, who is the servant of Jesus and has preached only the word of the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit in his whole life, and the brothers and sisters gather together with one mind. We don’t belong to any sect or group which is meaningless.

Our mission is to be ready to receive the Lord who is coming, to stay steadfast in the fellowship of the brothers and sisters against the temptation of the world, and to preach the Gospel in the last times by obeying the Lord who gives us strength and putting our trust in the Holy Spirit.

Brothers and sisters who are scattered around the world and do have the Spirit of Christ, we pray in the name of Christ for our good fellowship and unity. 

The True Light Mission International


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